Some of the best people and companies I have worked with in the past believe in keeping pricing simple.  I love when I know up front what I’m paying for and exactly how much it will cost me.  It creates trust and authenticity when you don’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

While it’s always subject to change, I am currently charging $125 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours required.  If the shoot runs over I will charge accordingly rounding up to the nearest half hour.  If a client insists on only having a one hour session, they will be charged an additional fee of $50.

Upon completion of editing, generally 2-4 weeks, you will be given a link to your personal SmugMug gallery with all edited pictures – generally 10-15 images per hour of shooting.

Printed materials may be ordered through the SmugMug link you will receive.  There are over 140 printing options which includes everything from simple 4×6 prints, to 36×36 canvas or framed prints, to creative keepsakes such as coffee mugs, aprons and puzzles.  These products are subject to pricing based on Smugmug and the printing lab.

Alternatively or in addition, at a price of $50 per hour of shooting, you may choose to have access to download the hi-resolution digital images.

For more details please check out my contract and as always… feel free to contact me!